The Best Time To Replace A Roof

A roof can be replaced during any time of the year, but Summer and Fall are the most popular seasons to have a roof replaced. We’ll explain why by breaking down the pros and cons of replacing a roof during each season.

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For obvious reasons, Winter is the worst time to replace a roof. The weather is unpredictable, ice and snow are common, it’s cold and there’s limited daylight.

Additionally, shingles are more likely to crack due to freezing temperatures, tools don’t function optimally, and sealants can take longer to adhere.

Of course, if you are experiencing roof issues and a roof replacement is needed immediately, a new roof can be installed during winter, it’s just not the optimal time.

The pro of having a roof installed during winter is that roofing contractors can fit you into their schedule quickly. Having a reliable roof over your home during the winter is just as important as any other time of the year.

At the very minimum, schedule a roof inspection so you know how urgent a new roof needs to be installed.


Spring is a perfectly fine time to have a roof replaced, but it’s still not the most popular.

The weather is generally nice, but heavy rainfall is common. Regardless, many new roofs are installed this time of year. 

Roof issues are often noticed during Spring as homeowners begin to get outside more and inspect their roof for the first time of the year. This is when things like missing shingles, leaks and other problems are noticed.

Check out our Spring Roof Maintenance Checklist for a complete guide on inspecting your roof.

Inspecting your roof during Spring is a great thing to do and can help you start preparing to have your roof replaced.


Summer is a popular season to have a roof replaced. The days are long and filled with lots of sunlight, allowing roofing contractors to finish the job. 

Spring showers have come to an end and the warm summer weather helps shingles adhere to the roof.

Additionally, roofing contractors are in full swing and prepared to serve many homeowners as summer is one of the busiest months for roofing contractors.


Fall is the most popular time of year to replace a roof.

The days are still long and the summer heat is beginning to cool. Additionally, winter is just around the corner and this generally instills urgency in homeowners to make sure they have a stable roof.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

Bottom-line, you shouldn’t wait to have your roof replaced, regardless of the time of year. If you have missing shingles, rotten wood, mold/mildew, water issues or your roof is just old, waiting to have a roof replaced will only make the issue worse and more costly. 

Fall and Summer bring optimal weather for roofers to get the job done, but slower months like winter and spring provide more availability and a more affordable roof replacement.

Schedule An Inspection

A roof inspection is the best thing you can do as a homeowner, don't wait!