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Craig Roofing doesn’t just do roofs. We are also a top seamless gutter company providing services for Akron, Canton, Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Many homeowners ask us if gutters are necessary.

Gutters direct roof water to downspouts and send water away from the base of your home. They also help prevent leaf and debris buildup on your roof which can cause water to sit in one place and overflow. Without a reliable gutter system, your roof and foundation is at an increased risk of water damage.

Seamless gutters provide a more reliable and longer lasting solution compared to standard gutters. 

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Gutter Services

Craig Roofing & Gutters is Akron’s full-service gutter and roofing company. Whether you are looking to have existing gutters replaced or new gutters installed – we are ready to serve you.

Gutters FAQ

Craig Roofing & Gutters offers both 5″ and 6″ seamless gutters depending on your home. We’ll help you decide the best option for your home.

Craig Roofing & Gutters provides one day gutter installations and the quickest lead times in Ohio. Contact Us today to get started!

During rainfall and storms your roof is the first touchpoint for water to hit. Water flows to your gutters, travel to a downspout line and is sent away from your home to a safe location. Additionally, gutters help collect leaves and debris that fall on your roof to prevent water buildup and overflow.

Seamless Gutters are what their name describes them as – seamless. Meaning they are one piece of continuous aluminum material without any joints needing sealing. This is beneficial because seamless gutters help prevent the risk of leaking and have an increased lifespan compared to traditional sectional gutters.

Speak to your gutter contractor for assistance on choosing the best color option for your gutters.

When working with Craig Roofing and Gutters, we guarantee a 20 year gutter warranty with all of our high quality installations.