Choosing the Right Roofer For Your Rental Property

An important part of maintaining a rental property is ensuring that your roof is in good working order. When it comes to roof repairs and replacements, that means going with a high-quality and experienced contractor. The roof is a key part of maintaining your investment and ensuring that your tenants remain safe and comfortable.

There is a number of considerations to make as you search for the right roofer for a rental property.

Check the Licensing and Insurance

Roofing is a specialized trade and it’s important to make sure that any roofer you hire can complete the job to the highest standards. Valid insurance is a key factor when it comes to demonstrating that capability, and ensuring the contractor operates to the highest professional standards. Insurance protects you from any liability from accidents or damage. This is especially important when there are tenants in the picture.

Ask About Previous Work

This is a critical step when selecting any contractor. Ask the roofer you’re considering for examples of previous work and references. You can also ask them to supply references of other rental property owners that they have worked with, to ensure that they have the experience you’re looking for.

Ask About Expertise and Specializations

Not all roof types are created equal. Make sure the roofer has the skillset needed for the type of roof that you’re looking to install on your rental property. Shingles, metal, tile, flat roofs, cedar, or composites all require different and specialized skill sets.

Utilizing Professional Crews

The roofing company you select may be talented at selling its product. Many roofing companies contract out the work to crews that may not be full-time employees. At the end of the day, the roof on your rental property is only as good as the crew installing it. Make sure the company you select is working with the highest quality crews available. You want to make sure the job is done right the first time.

Hire a Property Manager Roofing Company That Has What It Takes to Work With Rental Properties

When it comes to hiring a roofing company for your rental property, you need a contractor you can trust. Craig Roofing has what it takes to ensure that your rental property will be protected with a brand-new roof so that your tenants have an added level of safety and comfort. If you’re looking for roofing repairs or a new roof on your Akron-area rental property, contact us today!