New Roof Installation Process

Before replacing your roof you might be wondering what to expect the day of your roof replacement. The roofing process explained below should help ease your mind and answer some of the questions you might be asking yourself. There are many people involved including a roofing crew, project manager, delivery driver and more, but using a consistent approach is part of our secret recipe to guaranteeing a quality and timely installation.

1. Roof Materials Are Delivered to Your Home

The first step to replacing a roof is getting the new shingles delivered. Your roofing contractor will have the materials delivered shortly before the replacement begins. To ensure the shingles aren’t sitting in your driveway and on your lawn days before the installation, you can typically expect the shingles to be dropped off the afternoon before or morning of the job. 

2. Property & Landscaping Is Protected

The second step to replacing a roof is to ensure your home is protected from any debris dropping during the tear off process.

As you can imagine, some homes are easier to work on than others. Simpler homes allow us to toss roof waste straight into a dumpster or an equipter for larger jobs. However, some homes don’t allow for an easy roof tear off as a result of difficult landscaping, a home’s design, trees, hilly yards and other factors. Instead, roofers will toss debris into the yard and clean it up when the tear off is complete.

This is why protecting your home and its landscaping is one of the first steps to replacing a roof. Our team at Craig Roofing uses tarps to protect your landscaping and moves furniture, pots, flags and anything that might be in the way of flying debris.

3. Roof Tear Off

Now that your home is prepped, the fun begins. We almost always recommend tearing the existing roof off down to the plywood instead of doing an overlay. There are many reasons a complete tear off is the right choice. For example, it’s lighter, it allows you to spot bad and rotten wood, you can easily restore flashing, and the lifespan is longer than an overlay. 

Check out our Complete Roof Tear Off vs. Overlay Comparison Guide

Using hammers, chisels, spades and other tools our roofers will have your old roof removed in no time! For large jobs, we will use special equipment like the Equipter (shown below) to help us get the job done quicker and cleaner. The Equipter allows us to move around the yard easily and dispose of waste. It has large balloon-like tires that don’t rut the yard.

4. Load & Install New Roof

Once the tear off is complete, bad wood is replaced, ice guard, underlayment, and drip edge is installed, we measure our shingle and chalk lines to ensure everything is perfectly straight for installation. The new roof materials are loaded onto your roof using a conveyor boom and our crews install a high quality shingle roof.

5. Roof Clean Up & Inspection

We use many tools to help us clean up your yard and roof like tarps, rakes, blowers, and our hands. But the secret tool to ensuring your home is spotless at the end of the job is MAGNETS. Magnets help us pick up nails, staples, screws and other metals hiding in your grass, bushes, flowerbeds, gardens and driveway. We’ll do multiple passes around your property with magnets to guarantee a thorough cleanup and inspection.

In addition to cleaning up your yard we also provide a free gutter cleaning service to ensure your roof looks brand new!

The Craig Roofing Promise


Our work speaks for itself, but our crews are highly experienced and trained for the job. We use the industry’s best shingles from top manufacturers like CertainTeed, Owens-Corning, and GAF to ensure your roof lasts for many years.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are diligent about our roofing process and customers aren’t charged until the job is completed and 100% satisfied with the cleanup and new installation.

Personal Project Management

Every one of our customers is assigned an expert project manager to assist you along the way, answer any questions and ensure you are completely satisfied with your new roof. Meet the Craig Roofing Team.