How Much Does A New Roof Cost in Ohio?

Average Cost to Tear Off and Replace A Roof

The cost of a new roof will vary from home to home, however, a shingle roof replacement typically ranges from around $6,000-$15,000. The tear-off cost is included in the cost to replace your roof.

Keep in mind, depending on a number of factors as indicated below, the price of a roof replacement can be as little as $1,000 (shed or small barn) to upwards of $50,000 (large, complex install). 

Factors to consider when calculating the cost of a new roof

  • The square footage of your roof
  • The pitch of your roof
    • Does your home have a flat roof, low slope, or a steep pitch? The pitch and complexity of your roof can make the job more difficult and dangerous, often leading to a higher cost.
  • The type of roof you want installed such as asphalt shingles, metal, or slate.
  • The number of existing roof layers needing removal
  • Disposal of roof waste
  • Roof damage from water, storms, wind, hail, or debris.
    • Damages can add to the cost of a roof replacement if additional repairs are needed before a new roof can be installed.
  • Specialty repairs or replacements for skylights, chimneys, and flashing.
  • Overhead costs such as payroll, labor, insurance and equipment. Installing a roof isn’t a one man job!

Shingle Roof Estimate

The best way to know how much a shingle roof replacement will cost for your home is to contact a roofing contractor and get a free estimate. The price for asphalt shingles can vary depending on the quality and type of shingle you choose to install on your home.

There are many resources online that can provide you with market roof pricing, but the simplest option is to contact a local roofing contractor to receive the most accurate pricing.

When it comes to replacing your roof, you’ll want to find a contractor that offers both competitive pricing and provides exceptional customer service. 

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When Should You Replace Your Roof?

There are a few common reasons you might consider replacing your roof.

Old age

The most common reason to replace your roof is old age. Shingle roofs typically last between 15-30 years. If you are unsure of your roof’s age, that’s okay. A roofing contractor can help.

It’s always a good idea to have your roof inspected by a reputable roofing contractor in your area to determine your roof’s age and condition. 

Roof Damage

Storm damage is another reason to consider replacing your roof. Water, wind, and hail damage often leads to missing shingles, roof leaks, wood rot and flashing issues. Your contractor can determine if repairs or a full replacement is necessary during your roof inspection.

Is A New Roof Covered by Insurance?

Roof replacements are often covered by insurance if considerable damage was done during a storm or other natural event. Your roofing contractor can help you determine what is covered and how to open a claim.

When choosing your roofing contractor be sure they have experience working with insurance claims. They can ensure you receive the best coverage and help negotiate with your insurance provider during the claim process.

What Is the Most Common Type of Roof?

Asphalt Shingle Roofs are by far the most common type of roof throughout the United States, especially in Northern Ohio. Shingle Roofs account for nearly 80% of all residential roofing throughout the US. 

Popular shingle brands include CertainTeed, GAF, and Owens Corning. Quality shingle manufacturers offer 30 and 50 year warranties. Be sure to speak with your contractor about available warranties!

Shingle roofs are popular due to their durability, low cost, and wide range of design choices. 

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Choose the Right Roofing Company

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Picking the right roofer is the most important part of ensuring you get the best possible roofing service for your home. Find a roofing company with a good reputation, insurance expertise, and experience serving your area.